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Audio Notetaker 5.3

Captures full recordings of classes and meetings and to work with that audio (See all)
Sonocent Ltd.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is an interesting piece of software. Mainly useful for students, with this utility you can record lectures, interviews, meetings or any sort of audible presentation. Normally, in a long audio recording, it is hard to find the part that is of interest to you. This program solves the problem by offering a set of visual tools. The most interesting and most important is that the recording is presented in graphic form, and not as a waveform. Instead, the audio file is scanned and then displayed as a set of colored bars. Each bar represents a part of contiguous speech. You can select specific bars and apply a specific color to them, to highlight important parts.

This tool is becoming more and more popular among students and with good reason. The interface is not too complex but it is advanced enough to give you the flexibility you need. At first, the seemingly complex interface might intimidate you, but the tutorial that opens up with the application will greatly help. It effectively teaches you how to use the program.

Although this piece of software is excellent for students, its price is not well optimized for their pockets…

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Good tutorial
  • Lots of features


  • Expensive
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